Are you planning your wedding and are unsure about expenses? We get asked about the cost of wedding flowers quite often. First, relax! Albuquerque Florist can help you select the perfect flowers for your wedding, no matter what your budget.

Wedding flowers are one of the most important visual elements of your wedding. They add elegance and style and display your unique personality. Whether you want a simple bouquet or flowers to rival a royal wedding, Albuquerque Florist can help you select the perfect flowers for your wedding.

How Much are Wedding Flowers?

Albuquerque Florist believes that your budget is a personal decision. In  Albuquerque, wedding flower costs range from $300 to $1,700, with the average cost totaling around $650. This is much lower than the national average. According to WeddingWire, “the average couple pays $1,814 for their wedding flowers.”

Typically, the cost of wedding flowers can be broken down into four main areas:

  • Bridal bouquets
  • Personal ceremony flowers (boutonnieres and wedding party flowers)
  • Ceremony decorations
  • Reception flowers

How Much is a Bride’s Bouquet?

How much do wedding flowers cost: Custom Bridal bouquetNo matter how you choose to use flowers in your wedding, the bridal bouquet is universally the must. The theme of your wedding will inform the style of bouquet’s style. A formal evening wedding will demand a full, large bouquet, while an informal outdoor wedding will be best complemented by loose, more natural floral arrangements.

  • On average, bridal bouquets range from $100 – $500.

What do Boutonnieres Cost?

How much do boutonnieres costA boutonniere, the traditional complement to the bridal bouquet, is another component in the personal flowers category. Boutonnieres are usually a single bloom, worn on the lapel, which matches the color and style of the bridal bouquet.

  • Boutonnieres start at $15

How Much Are Wedding Party Flowers?

How much do wedding flowers cost: crown haloWedding party flowers round out the personal flower category and include bridesmaids bouquets, flowers for groomsmen, flower girls and ring bearers, as well as family members in the wedding party (Think parent, grandparents here). These flowers usually echo the color and style of the bridal bouquet, but can also contrast, depending on your taste. Bridal party flowers range in price, depending on the size of your wedding party, and the style of your wedding.

  • Corsages start at $24
  • Boutonnieres start at $15
  • Flower crown halos start at $45

How Much are Ceremony Flowers?

Garland with blooms: orchid rose chairWhether your wedding is rustic and natural or dripping with elegance, ceremony flowers have the ability transform your venue. Ceremony flowers can be added to pews, perched atop large columns or urns, and even hung from the ceiling like chandeliers. Not only do these arrangements serve as decoration, they also set the tone for your ceremony, and provide a beautiful backdrop for your wedding photographs.

  • Flower Petals start at $10
  • Pew clips – $35 to $55+
  • Greenery Garlands – $15+ per foot
  • Garlands with Blooms – $25+
  • Head table centerpieces – $75 to $500+

How Much are Reception Flowers?

How much do wedding flowers cost: custom wedding reception tableReception flowers continue the theme of your wedding, and provide focal points, directing guests to different areas of the reception area. Most people think of table centerpieces when they’re planning their reception flowers, but these flowers can also be used in different ways.

Placing flowers in the entryway – both on the exterior and interior – will create a grand entrance and helps set the mood for the reception. Flowers can also be used to guide guests to the welcome table, to the buffet or bar, and are often used to decorate the cake table. Reception flowers also include the bride’s tossing bouquet, which is usually a smaller version of the bridal bouquet. Pricing for reception flowers can vary, depending on the size of the venue and the types of flowers used.

  • Centerpieces start at $35 and can go up to $200+ each

What Might Influence Flower Prices?

The cost of your wedding flowers will depend on a variety of factors including:

  • Season or time of year in which you will wed
  • Types of flowers that you want to feature
  • Length of your guest list
  • Size of your wedding party

Interested in a “Do-It-Yourself” Approach?

Are you more of a do-it-yourself type of person? Does creating one individualized piece, or flowers for your entire wedding, appeal to you?

Whether you create your own wedding arrangements by yourself or as part of a fun bridal party activity, or with the help of our wedding design professionals, or as a combination of DIY and expertly created arrangements, Albuquerque Florist can assist with DIY wedding flowers.

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The wedding specialists at Albuquerque Florist will walk you through each step of your wedding floral design and selection process. Weddings should be a time of joy and celebration – this is your moment and we want you to enjoy it. The best part is, the wedding professionals at Albuquerque Florist will help you make the most of your budget.

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